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Shop vacuums are powerful vacuums that can pick up anything, including carpet fibers and tiny dust particles. The first portable wet/dry industrial vacuums were manufactured by manufacturers in Saint Joseph, Missouri, and were given the trademarked name Shop-Vac® at first. Read More…

Shop Vacuum Cleaners Shop vacuum cleaners, usually known by the generic trademark Shop-Vac® or shop vac, are vacuum cleaners specially designed to handle the larger and tougher cleaning tasks associated with workshops, machine shops, and other facilities with tougher debris.

We are vacuum experts, both for vacuum cleaners and vacuum systems for manufacturing needs. We will create custom systems that will help you reach your industry goals- no matter what they our.


As a leader in the vacuum cleaner manufacturing industry, Multi-Vac offers vacuums for a variety of applications. Products include central industrial vacuums, portable vacuum cleaners and more.

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Delfin Industrial Vacuums is an innovative leader in the vacuum cleaners industry. We focus on continually improving our products and our services, so you are only ever getting the best from us. Our team is dedicated to finding the right industrial vacuum system for your company’s specific needs. Delfin is an ISO 9001 certified company. We offer our customers unrivaled customer service and...

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At Legends Equipment Company, we take pride in our custom-engineered central vacuum systems designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. Our vacuum cleaners are a testament to our commitment to excellence in providing efficient and powerful solutions for challenging environments. With a focus on innovation and reliability, we understand the unique demands of industrial settings, and our...

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We aim to achieve measurable cost savings for you while producing a cleaner and safer work environment in your workplace. We meet your needs for cleaning or maintaining, recycling, non-destructively excavating, or improving air quality.

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Being a world leader in the industrial vacuum arena defines Bortek. We offer litter vacuums, industrial vacuums and scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, portable vacuums and more. Our vacuum cleaners are used in industrial and commercial applications. Our industrial specialty vacuums are at your service.

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Goodway Technologies Corporation specializes in industrial, commercial and wet/dry vacuum cleaners. We provide excellent customer service and support in order to help each customer choose the best industrial vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner system or other vacuum product to suit exacting specifications.

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Shop Vacuum Cleaners

Both dry and wet shop vacuum cleaners are available; these tools can clean up fluids and debris without worrying about electrocution. A shop vacuum cleaner is essential for quickly cleaning up spills and debris and are useful for any homeowner or small business owner. They may be used to clean anything, including counters, appliances, carpets and furniture. In addition, they work well at getting pet hair off of carpets and furniture.

Operational Principles of a Shop Vacuum Cleaner

A shop vacuum cleaner produces suction power through a motorized fan, which is then transferred to the nozzle on the front of the machine via a hose or tube. The motorized fan of a shop vacuum cleaner creates suction, which is captured inside the vacuum cleaner by creating a seal. The machines' powerful airflow makes cleaning up trash like sawdust, pet hair, and flour spills simple.

Shop Vacuum Cleaner Working Principle

Both corded and cordless variants are offered. In addition to properly cleaning small spaces like those behind appliances or in corners where dust tends to collect, this also makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to effectively remove spills and other debris that are difficult for other vacuums to reach.

Shop Vacuum Cleaner Applications

A shop vacuum is a portable vacuum cleaner that can pick up various materials, including liquids, small dust particles, and carpet fuzz. Shop vacuum cleaners are indispensable for any household since they are a wonderful method to clean up dust and grime rapidly. They are ideal for tidying up after a project in the garage or assisting with a messy pet cleanup.

Shop vacuum cleaners are also adaptable because they come with various accessories that may be used for various tasks. For instance, the extension wand can reach high regions or corners, while the crevice tool is ideal for cleaning small spots. Due to its strong suction, the shop vacuum cleaner is also perfect for industrial use, making it a crucial tool for business owners. In addition, the shop vacuum cleaner can clean nearly anything because of its numerous accessories and power options. For instance, shop vacuum cleaners are useful if there is a need to swiftly clean up flour that has spilled in a bakery or to collect sawdust in a woodshop.

Shop Vacuum Cleaner

These cleaning tools are excellent for removing liquid spills, cleansers, and other moist messes. In addition, they can be used to clear the debris left behind after a natural disaster or to remove a lot of water from flooded basements. A shop vacuum cleaner can also be used for exterior tasks like cleaning leaves out of gutters, blowing snow off a car after keeping it all winter in storage, and even gathering big debris at building sites. It can also help remove pool water if a pool pump is broken and waiting to be repaired.

Benefits of Shop Vacuum Cleaners

Shop vacuum cleaners are far more effective and better suited for heavy-duty tasks because they provide more suction power than a typical vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners can be used for industrial cleaning tasks, including cleaning up construction sites or recycling facilities. These powerful vacuums can pick up bigger debris particles like rocks, screws, wood chips, or nails and are far more durable than normal vacuums. Therefore, this useful cleaning equipment is a wonderful choice if you are seeking a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that is more effective and adaptable than any typical model.

How to use a Shop Vacuum Cleaner

Shop vacuum cleaners are simple to use, but before using one, be sure to read the product instructions from the manufacturer for that particular model. Then, to avoid harming things or overtaxing the shop vacuum cleaner, adjust these instruments' power levels and suction settings in accordance with the type of mess that needs to be cleaned. To ensure the suction is appropriate for the surface being cleaned when using a shop vacuum cleaner, test it first in a discrete location. They can be deadly if handled improperly, so use caution when using them around animals or children.

It's also crucial to keep in mind that these tools can create a lot of dust. So whenever using a shop vacuum pump, wearing goggles and a mask are recommended to protect your eyes, nose, and throat from dangerous particles. Additionally, wearing earplugs or headphones is suggested to drown out the noise of these vacuum cleaners.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shop Vacuum Cleaner

The following are things to take into account while picking a shop vacuum cleaner model:

Motor Size

The size of a shop vacuum cleaner's motor determines how powerful it is. Although some shop vacuum cleaner models have up to nine horsepower, they typically vary from three to five horsepower.

Suction Power

Air watts measure a shop vacuum cleaner's suction power; the greater this figure, the better the vacuum cleaner will be at sucking up liquids and other particles. Although some models emit more than 700 air watts, shop vacuum cleaners typically range from 100 to 350 air watts.

Size and Tank Capacity

These vacuums can be in various capacities, ranging from one gallon to twenty gallons or even more. The length, width, and height of these devices also vary. Carefully measure the machine's tank capacity; for example, the shop vacuum cleaner tank should be able to store enough water or trash to allow doing more than one job.


Different types of filters are included with shop vacuum cleaners; some are disposable, and others may be cleaned and reused. In addition, they are equipped with a wet filter or a HEPA filter for collecting liquid spills and small particles of dust.

Choosing the Right Shop Vacuum Cleaner Supplier

To make sure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing a shop vacuum cleaner from a shop vacuum cleaner supplier, it is important to compare at least 4 companies using our list of shop vacuum cleaner suppliers. Each shop vacuum cleaner supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each shop vacuum cleaner company website using our patented website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple shop vacuum cleaner companies with the same message.

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