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Commercial vacuum cleaners are cleaning tools used to remove dirt, dust and other debris from non-industrial areas. Commercial vacuums can be found in office buildings, schools and other settings in which cleaning is frequently necessary, but in which industrial vacuum cleaning tools are not necessary.

Commercial vacuums are usually smaller in size, lower in capacity and are intended for less frequent use than industrial vacuums, though their capacity and sustained use are generally intended to be higher than those of vacuum cleaners that are available to consumers for use in residences. Read More…Request for Quote

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Commercial vacuum cleaners are cleaning tools used to remove dirt, dust and other debris from non-industrial areas.

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Commercial vacuums are almost always small and portable, though they vary in size and configuration. Some commercial vacuums are small enough to be hand-held and cordless. Other medium-sized commercial vacuums can be hand-held or wheeled around. Non-industrial shop vacuums, small wet dry vacuums and non-industrial carpet cleaners fall into this category.

These tools are commonly used for spot cleaning and detail cleaning of areas that are difficult to reach with larger vacuums. The largest variety of commercial vacuum is an upright vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are usually too heavy or bulky to be carried during cleaning, and most of them are designed only for the vacuum cleaning of floors.

All vacuums, industrial or commercial, work according to the same principle. A fan spinning somewhere in the machine creates an area of negative pressure within the machine's collection enclosure. The imbalance of air pressure causes the higher-pressure air outside of the enclosure to rush in. That air movement sucks dust and other debris into the vacuum cleaner.

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Most upright vacuums also feature agitators, which massage entrenched particles out of carpeting for easier removal. Smaller vacuums can often be equipped with special attachments designed to help remove concentrated dust or dirt that has been ground into carpet or furniture. Such medium-sized vacuum cleaners are popular in spot carpet cleaning and extraction, upholstery cleaning and other general cleaning tasks.

Cleaning companies that serve one or several offices can sometimes save money on equipment costs by purchasing products from the commercial vacuum cleaner market instead of the industrial market. If a given office regularly produces an easily manageable, low level of dirt in its day-to-day operations, a light-duty, upright commercial vacuum cleaner would likely be able to remove dirt without difficulty.

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