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Manufacturing, machining, cutting, welding, drilling, sanding, grinding, polishing, shaping and forming of metals, plastics, wood and rubber into finished products lets off a lot of debris into the atmosphere, and industrial vacuum cleaners, as well as dust collectors, do the job of trapping more than 99% of these air contaminants. Industrial vacuum cleaners are also commonly used as solutions for reclaiming, recycling and spill recovery. Unlike your household vacuum with a bin that needs to be dumped quite regularly, industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with large waste storage enclosures that can go a long time without emptying.

The vacuum equipment used for high-capacity debris removal can vary widely in terms of size, configuration and application from industry to industry. Canister vacuums, walk behind or rider sweepers, backpack vacuum cleaners, continuous duty vacuums, explosion proof vacuums, vacuum cleaner trucks, HEPA vacuum cleaners and central vacuum cleaners are the major industrial vacuum configurations available. A more industry-specific vacuum, the auto vacuum is made for vehicle cleaning and used at carwashes and automotive service departments. With varying degrees of size, reach, capacity, airflow and suction, filtration, flexibility and portability, and an array of attachments and tools, there’s a vacuum cleaner for every industrial need.