More Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers

Johnstown, PA
GapVax® exclusively works with industrial vacuum trucks. The trucks are both wet and dry capable vacuum cleaners. Our trucks have the lowest maintenance of any vacuum trucks available. Our trucks are proficient in cleaning everything from hazardous waste, paint, tank cleaning and everything in between.
Industrial Air Solutions, Inc.
Raleigh, NC
Industrial Air Solutions offers dust collectors and industrial vacuum cleans. We have a complete line of different vacuum cleaning systems including customized products. We are compliant with the OSHA standard for Hexavalent Chromium. Our quest to be one of the best began a little over 15 years ago.
Mastercraft Industries, Inc.
Newburgh, NY
Established over 50 years ago, Mastercraft Industries, Inc. has been a dedicated professional for a cleaner environment. We have a number of categories of vacuums to fit any of your cleaning necessities. If you are brand loyal we distribute a large number of different brands. Visit our website today!
Environmental Tectonics Corp. (ETC)
Southampton, PA
Environmental Tectonics Corporation was established in 1969. We service a variety of areas from: aeromedical, HVAC manufacturers, medical devices, pharmaceutical, automotive, military aviation and space. All of our products are manufactured on site to ensure all requirements are met. We offer supreme innovation.
Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc.
Smyrna, GA
Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. provides new and used industrial cleaning equipment. We offer: floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, pressure washers, parts cleaning equipment, janitorial equipment and rental cleaning supplies. We are an authorized dealer for Nifisk-Advance, Nilfisk Outdoor, and American Lincoln.
Tornado® Industries, Inc.
Chicago, IL
Tornado® Industries we put “a new spin on cleaning.” We are a leading manufacturer of air and electrical powered industrial vacuums. Our vacuums are built for reliability, competitive pricing and deliver innovation! We have the ability provide vacuums for carpet, floors, sweepingn steaming and scrubbing.
Cary Manufacturing Corporation
Charlotte, NC

Since 1980, Cary Manufacturing has manufactured a number of versions of vacuums. Today we have: the Super Vac, Cyclo-Separator, Aspirator, Matrix Removal System, Dornier Loom Vacuum and propane vacuums. We engineer the best features demanded by our customers and integrate them into low-cost solution.

Tennant Company
Minneapolis, MN

Tennant is constantly working for the best and most innovative solutions for our vacuum cleaners. We provide: burnishers, carpet extractors, outdoor/city cleaners, scrubbers (walk behind, rider), scrubber-sweepers and specialty cleaning equipment. We have won several awards for our products in Ethics Magazine.

Vacutech™ LLC
Sheridan, WY

Vacutech™ is a manufacturer of central vacuum cleaning systems and mobile vacuums. Our target industries are commercial, medical, vehicle care, industrial and dental. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We are here to serve your needs for reliability, performance and quality. Manufactured in the USA.

Electric Cleaner Company, Inc.
Osseo, WI

Electric Cleaner manufactures vacuums that include the ability to groom animals. All of our products are OSHA noise level approved. Our vacuums can be applied to many needs including: equestrian, industrial, commercial, health care, education, agricultural, manufacturing, recreational and hospitality.

Morris Coupling Co.
Erie, PA

Established in 1941, Morris Coupling Company has been an industry leader in supplying couplings, tubing & pipes, and hoses for industrial, institutional and commercial vacuum systems. Whatever your part needs may be we have the solution for you. Give us a call today or visit our website for more help.

Tyler Griffin Company
Paoli, PA

With over 45 years of sales and service experience Tyler Griffin Company has been a distributor of the best brand for multiple applications. We carry industrial ovens, monitors/detectors, switches, corrosion monitoring, industrial vacuums, metering pumps, pressure transducers, photoelectric controls and much more.